The Royal Lancers and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum

The Charge of the Light Brigade

In 1854 during the Crimean war, during a Russian attack on the British base at Balaklava, a misunderstood order led the Light Brigade to charge down the mile-long Valley of Death at a line of Russian cannons. The 17th Lancers rode in the front line.

Corporal Nunnerley: 'The men in my squadron were nearly all cut down, including a sergeant who had his head blown off'.' Cornet Chadwick: 'My horse was hit by a ball in the neck, which covered me with a shower of blood.' Captain Morgan: 'Our pace increased amidst the roundshot and shell, whistling and cracking overhead. Horses and men dropped by scores every yard.' Corporal Morley: The flame, the smoke, the roar, were in our faces. It was like riding into the mouth of a volcano.'

Visit our museum and see ...

Among the 17th Lancer artefacts displayed in our museum, you will see the original bugle blown by Trumpeter Brittain to sound the Charge, the saddle used by Captain Morgan, and the helmet and uniform jacket worn by Cornet Wombwell.