The Queen's Royal Lancers and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum

Historical Enquiries and Research

The RLNY Museum will try to answer historical enquiries concerning any aspect of the history of our regiments and the men who served in them.

As with all archives, our records are incomplete and we have both strengths and weaknesses. Whilst we do not hold full army service records, we do hold the war diaries for each antecedent regiment of The Queen's Royal Lancers during the Great War and World War II plus other documents which often contain information on individuals. We have access to the Sherwood Rangers and The South Notts Hussars archives which have similar records. Personal memoirs, diaries and letters exist from most periods, and we are of course strong on regimental history and uniforms. So we can help in genealogical research, but there are sometimes limitations. If after searching our archives we find we cannot help, we will suggest alternative sources.

To get the best value from our research, enquirers should add as much information as possible and be precise about regimental titles and numbers, and provide the full names of persons and places. Enquiries should be forwarded using our Archive Enquiry Form below, or by post.

Note on 16th/5th Lancers

In May 2016 the 16th/5th Lancers archive collection was transferred to Stoke Archives as part of a digitisation project. Any historical archive enquiry relating to the 16th, 5th or 16th/5th Lancers may be answered by following this link: Stoke Archives.

Fees for research are levied on a not-for-profit basis and used to fund the conservation and maintenance of the museum and its archives. The charge for an initial enquiry is GBP15.00, payable in advance. Please use the Pay Pal donation button below. You do not need a PayPal account and your payment is totally secure.

Alternatively you can write to us, enclosing a cheque made payable to RLNY Museum, at this address: RLNY Museum, Thoresby Courtyard, Thoresby Park, Nr Perlethorpe, Nottinghamshire NG22 9EP .

This fee is based on one hour of research for relevant information and the preparation of a helpful and informative response. If there is more information potentially available and more time is needed, you will be told in advance. This may result in a quotation for additional work.

Important Note - please make your £15 payment using the PayPal donate button above before sending this message form. Fees are levied on a not-for-profit basis and used to fund the museum. No research can be undertaken until payment is received.

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Personal Visits for Research

Members of the public can access the Regimental Archives to conduct their own research, by prior arrangement with the Curator. The Archives are located at Lancer House inside Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham. Send details of your area of research and when you would like to visit, and we will let you know whether the Archives include relevant material. A small charge is made at the time of your visit.