The Royal Lancers and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum

Inside the Museum

The Royal Lancers and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum tells the story of cavalry in the British Army, from the days of the horseback charge, through the great tank battles of the Second World War, to present-day operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. A series of graphic panels and display cases, learning zones and video presentations, take visitors through our fascinating story.Our collection of arms, uniforms, medals, silver and paintings illustrate the regiments' part in the great battles of the last three centuries.

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Treasury of Artefacts

Our treasury of artefacts bring history to life, allowing visitors to discover the intriguing history of our regiments and examine our most fascinating items. See an original 'red-coat' as worn during the American War of Independence, a tin of chocolate from the Boer War, and the original bugle blown to sound the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Visit us at Thoresby soon

Our new museum offering a fascinating 'ride' through the history of the British cavalry, and is complimented by the Courtyard retail outlets and cafe. Thoresby offers a thrilling day out for all. We hope to see you soon.


The Curator

Captain Mick Holtby served in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Germany and the Oman during a 25-year career with the 17th/21st Lancers.

After taking a retired officer post at the headquarters of The Queen's Royal Lancers in Grantham, he was involved in setting up the regiment's museum, originally housed at Belvoir Castle.

With an in-depth knowledge of British cavalry and armoured warfare, his special interests include the Crimean Campaign of 1854-56 and the Second World War in North Africa.