Amalgamation Parade

2nd May 2015

On 2nd May 2015 The Queen’s Royal Lancers amalgamated with The 9th/12th Royal Lancers at Richmond Castle to form a new regiment: the Royal Lancers

The image above shows the Colonel-in-Chief, Her Majesty The Queen, at the Amalgamation Parade, with Brigadier Andrew Hughes (Colonel of the Regiment) in attendance.

Our Last Exhibition

Cavalry Horses in War and Sport

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Cavalry Horses In War & Sport – Royal Lancers (

The 10th Anniversary of the Museum opening at Thoresby

26th July 2021

The museum was opened by HRH Princess Alexandra on Tuesday 26th July 2011, and marked the beginning of the  partnership between the Royal Lancers and the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry – the Sherwood Rangers and the South Notts Hussars.

Since then over 290,000 visitors have toured this fascinating new display.

The museum tells the story of cavalry in the British Army, from the days of the horseback charge, through the great tank battles of the Second World War, to present-day operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A series of graphic panels and display cases, learning zones and video presentations, take visitors through our fascinating story.

Entry to the museum is free.

Establishing our new museum at Thoresby was made possible by a partnership with the Stonebridge Trust, which provided space in the Courtyard and contributed to the capital costs, the Leader Project, which provides European funds for rural regeneration, and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project is also supported by Friends of the Museum

A Major new book by Steve Took


In Steve’s words:

It has not been my intention to write a lengthy tome on the Great War, there are far greater minds than mine who have covered the subject in depth. The idea for this book came from the research Keith Wade and I had carried out on those who lost their lives during World War I with the 17th Lancers and also those 17th Lancers who were attached to other regiments or arms, and the posting of a daily memorial for these men on social media. I wanted to give life to these men’s names, where they were from, family, experiences and how they died. To that end I have used the 17th Lancers War Diaries and The White Lancer as a starting point for this book. I have covered a time line from prior to the outbreak of hostilities in Europe, the regiment then in India receiving the mobilization order, to the last days of The Great War, occupation of Germany and then the Regiments final service in Ireland prior to their eventual amalgamation with the 21st Lancers in 1922. I have tried to record the name of every man who has served and died as a 17th Lancer or a 17th Lancer reservist, during the Great War, and in the troubles in Ireland, some I have been able to give detailed accounts of their lives, and others only a snippet of information is available, unfortunately for many there is no information at all. I have expanded the contents of the book to include all those that served and survived The Great War, that being a feat in its self, some went on to greater things. In the end, this is a record of their time and experiences as 17th Lancers, during the greatest conflict known to man at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Royal Lancers Museum (Derby)

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