The Charge of the Light Brigade

In 1854 during the Crimean war, during a Russian attack on the British base at Balaklava, a misunderstood order led the Light Brigade to charge down the mile-long Valley of Death at a line of Russian cannons. The 17th Lancers rode in the front line.

Corporal Nunnerley: ‘The men in my squadron were nearly all cut down, including a sergeant who had his head blown off’.’ Cornet Chadwick: ‘My horse was hit by a ball in the neck, which covered me with a shower of blood.’ Captain Morgan: ‘Our pace increased amidst the roundshot and shell, whistling and cracking overhead. Horses and men dropped by scores every yard.’ Corporal Morley: The flame, the smoke, the roar, were in our faces. It was like riding into the mouth of a volcano.’

This video features graphic scenes of the charge, quotes from survivors, and the 1890 recording of Alfred Tennyson reading his famous poem.

Written and narrated by Terry Brighton, produced by Terry Brighton and Mick Holtby, this video has been viewed 90,000 times on YouTube.

  • Alfred Tennyson

    Tennyson wrote his famous poem after reading the first report of the Charge in The Times on Tuesday 14 November 1854.

  • 17th Lancers

    Survivors of the Charge pictured after their return to England

  • Hell Riders

    The full story is told in Hell Riders: the Truth about the Charge of the Light Brigade, by Terry Brighton.

The Charge of the Light Brigade

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