QRL in Iraq

The Queen’s Royal Lancers in Iraq as part of 19 Light Brigade. Includes desert and air shots of TELIC 9 action in southeast Iraq and in Basra.

Invasion of Iraq 2003

The Queen’s Royal Lancers, with Challenger 2 tanks, helped secure critical bridges and take Basra. In an engagement between QRL and Iraqi tanks, all enemy tanks were destroyed.

Reconnaissance in Iraq

Later QRL deployed to Southern Iraq on combat reconnaissance vehicles. Operating far from Basrah, the regiment patrolled the Iran-Iraq border to stop the supply of arms to the militia.

Life in the desert

In June 2007 a reporter embedded with the QRL wrote: The lancers live in the desert for six months, moving from place to place, getting food and water by night-time parachute drop.

The Charge of the Light Brigade

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The Battle of Fondouk

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QRL in Iraq

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In May 2015 the Queen’s Royal Lancers amalgamated with the 9th/12th Royal Lancers to form the Royal Lancers.

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